cRaFtY iNgReDiEnTs

Sparkles of Inspiration. Spoons of Island Spirit. Whispers of Wisdom. Sprinkles of Creativity. Dashes of Determination. Splashes of Color. Pinches of Passion and Positivity. Glimmers of Hope and Gratitude. Heaps of Happiness. Snippets of Success. Drops of Dreams. Moments of Magic. Bits of Brilliance. Hints of Harmony. Bundles of Bliss. Notes of Nostalgia. Ounces of Organization. Echoes of Encouragement. Flakes of Fun. Threads of Thoughtfulness. Essence of Enthusiasm. Layers of Love.

Hello Friend!

I'm Toni-Ann, a teacher and entrepreneur from Jamaica, and I'm the heart and soul behind theCraftyteacher. Combining my passion for education with my love for creativity, I design and create planners and journals that are both beautiful and functional. My goal is to inspire educators and students to stay organized, motivated, and creative. Through theCraftyteacher, I bring a touch of Caribbean warmth to every product, making learning and planning a delightful experience. I’m proud to share a piece of my Jamaican heritage with the world through my vibrant and thoughtfully crafted designs.

Thank you for being a part of theCraftyteacher Family!